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Tyreke Evans, Late Dunk Of The Year Candidate

7 Apr

What do you get when you mix running full speed, no contact on the way to the basket, a healed ankle and a smaller defender making one of the worst decisions in his career? You get Tyreke Evans postering Gary Neal making him look like, well, a poster. Ya like a poster works.

This dunk was nasty. Once again Gary Neal has exercised poor judgement on which plays to take a charge and which ones to pretend he lost his man in transition.

Usually you don’t see dunk of the year candidates this late in the season, but Tyreke made a strong case last night against Blake Griffins Mozgov poster and JR Smiths ride em’ cowboy dunk on guess who, Gary Neal. Gary is a good shooter and excellent role player, but he has to remember this isn’t Europe and everything is on tape. And you don’t want more tape of stuff like that or like this on Youtube.


Derek Fisher is Barack Obama

29 Dec

This was Kobe Bryants comment after the loss to the Spurs on Tuesday night.

“We’re all moody,” Bryant said. “Fish got a tech today and he’s the basketball version of Barack Obama. Everybody’s a little moody right now.”

Hmm interesting I never though of Derek Fisher in this way but Kobe is absolutely right! Unfortunately Derek Fisher could never brokerage peace between Kobe and Shaq but since his second term as a Laker the similarities are astounding. Look at how he has pulled nations together taking players from several nations to win a title ,Pau from Spain, Sasha from Slovenia and Mbenga from Congo, Shannon Brown USA. It’s a virtual united nations playing basketball under Dereks watchful eye. This is just like Barack when he chills with dudes from other countries. How about the way he always remains calm under pressure even in this tough economic climate his play has remained pretty consistent. I don’t think anything should be made of this technical foul, this is just like when Obama called Kanye west a Jackass. Sometimes presidents or NBA players just have a bad day.