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Farewell To A Top 5 Shooter in NBA History

27 Dec

1760 career 3pt made : 4th all time

90% career FT shooter – 40% career 3pt shooter – 3X all star – 1X All NBA team – 2X three point shooting star champion – 1X NBA Champion (2011)

Peja is the man. At 6’10 you wouldn’t expect this guy to be one of the best shooters ever, but the stats are all there. If you didn’t get to see this guy in his prime you just can’t imagine the feeling you got when he was on the floor. Any time he got a pass from behind the 3pt line you thought, and hoped, he would jack it up. It was that exciting to see him shoot, especially when defenders would run at him and he just had the height to shoot it over them without even being bothered. You really got the sense that once his feet left the floor the shot was good. And my my my what a magnificent shot he had.

This video really shows off what a beauty of a shot Peja had. Putting a jump shot in to words is hard, thank goodness for this video. You can really see the dynamics of his shot at the 1:20 mark. Notice how the ball has a kind of diagonal backspin, delicioso! And I don’t know why but his shot always has such a loud swish that was so satisfying. Music to an NBA fans ears.

When I first started watching ball I remember hating the Lakers and wanting the Kings to get past them and into the finals. He was on an awesome team that should have got at least one ring , that was one of the great sub story lines of the 2011 Mavericks of how great journeymen finally got their ring. He was close back then and goes out on top as a champ. He got his revenge on LA in the second round in  2011 when he gave them a flashback of what he once did to them in playoffs past.

Even later on in his career with New Orleans he showed how dangerous of a 3pt threat he was and was one of the big reasons in 2008 they were a second seed. CP3 was the first great point guard he played with since Bibby and all he had to do was spot up and knock it down.

As Peja hangs up his laces and retires I want to say thanks for the memories, a part of me always wishes great shooters would play til’ age 50 and just spot up and drain 3’s but I hope he has a good rest of his life. I imagine it will include sitting somewhere on a beach in Europe wearing fancy clothes and he deserves it.

Oh, and he also delivered one of the best NBA photos of all time. Funlarious!



Tyreke Evans, Late Dunk Of The Year Candidate

7 Apr

What do you get when you mix running full speed, no contact on the way to the basket, a healed ankle and a smaller defender making one of the worst decisions in his career? You get Tyreke Evans postering Gary Neal making him look like, well, a poster. Ya like a poster works.

This dunk was nasty. Once again Gary Neal has exercised poor judgement on which plays to take a charge and which ones to pretend he lost his man in transition.

Usually you don’t see dunk of the year candidates this late in the season, but Tyreke made a strong case last night against Blake Griffins Mozgov poster and JR Smiths ride em’ cowboy dunk on guess who, Gary Neal. Gary is a good shooter and excellent role player, but he has to remember this isn’t Europe and everything is on tape. And you don’t want more tape of stuff like that or like this on Youtube.

Overlooked Trade: Marcus Thornton/Carl Landry

14 Mar

The trade deadline a few weeks ago had some blockbusters, the Melo deal and the Williams one. Some trades were over looked and have turned out to be really good trades for teams. This particular trade between New Orleans and Anaheim, I mean Sacramento, was seen as a pretty fair deal. However a few weeks in it looks like Sacramento has found a legitimate shooting guard that can ball on par with Tyreke Evans for many years to come.

In 9 games with Sacramento Thornton is averaging 20 ppg, on 47% shooting and 42.5% shooting from 3pt range. Pretty good eh, and Tyreke has yet to play with him. Now this is a young back court to keep an eye on. Sure, New Orleans was sitting back like whatever, they got Carl Landry and he’s played well for them and he’ll be a nice replacement for David West if he leaves after this year, but couldn’t they of used Thornton more?

Last offseason there were reports Chris Paul wanted a trade from the Hornets or wanted the team to bring in some players  that were more useful than mannequins. What was New Orleans solution? Let’s bring in Trevor Ariza! You didn’t have to be Professor Xavier to see that Ariza was not going to make anyone wanna stay anywhere. And he’s currently on a 2 year streak of stinking it up after signing a big deal with Houston. On the other hand they had Thornton waiting in the wings who averaged 14.5 ppg as a rookie. Not to mention they had Darren Collison too. It was one hell of a draft by the New Orleans GM who produced with bad picks in the draft. Now neither of them is with New Orleans. Collison is the starting point in Indiana, maybe making it to the playoffs and Marcus Thornton is as mentioned before killing it for the Kings. He was there scorer to partner up with Chris Paul, but he was given up on after just 1.5 seasons.

Sacramento now has the reigning rookie of the year a new 24 yr old 20pt scorer and Demarcus Cousins. The rebuilding is 95% done for the Kings now it’s just a matter of time to watch these guys grow together. Marcus Thornton 20 points a gmae for a guy coming off their bench, nice! It’s really too bad that theirs a high likelihood of the Kings moving, this reminds me so much of what happened with Seattle moving, they had all the young pieces all they had to do was wait, but the team moved and the rest is history. Anyway, awesome trade for the Kings, New Orleans GM WTF and I look forward to watching some Kings ball next year no matter where it’s being played