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Replace Player introductions with Arena introductions.

6 Mar

In today’s NBA, I’d have to say player introductions are at an all time low. It’s usually the catchiest part of a hip hop song looped over and over as the announcer yells names into a mic like it’s a monster truck show. The video you have to see on the jumbotron is also pretty bad 90% of the time, it’s just the roster holding the ball in various classic basketball holding positions. Like, the iconic ball squeeze or palming the ball in front of the camera.

I think the new big thing has to be player intros into the arena. It’s like a mini fashion show and you never know when a man purse might show up. Arena intros are totally the new hot trend this season

This is 10X cooler than player intros, no? Id really like to see this incorporated more into NBA games to spice things up.


Definitely the solution, definitely.


Dwyane Wade puts Evan Turner in ice skates, how appropriate, how inappropriate

20 Apr

Game 2 76ers at Miami. Dwyane Wade might of sat out with migraines, but instead he chose to play, put on a show in the second quarter and probably gave Evan Turner a migraine with this crazy dribble move.

Just in time for the NBA as well as the NHL playoffs Turner suffers a pair of broken ankles, just for you. For fans of both hockey and basketball this must have ended some indecision of which sport to watch, but only wholesome NBA action can give you the grace and wonder of flying through the air, as well  as the slippery tomfoolery of gliding on ice. Turner looked like he was wearing some Eddie Bauers! Indecision over.

For those of you who don’t remember Turner got Wade with a killer cross way early in the season, which was somewhat Iverson on Jordan-esque, (except Turner is a bum) but it looked like it was Wades plan all along to wait to embarrass him when he knew the most people were watching, playoffs! Ouch, pretty cold for a member of the Heat. If you don’t remember here was what started the “revenge cross”.

Lebron does his best Larry Bird impersonation

28 Feb

Last night was the battle of the East coast super teams between the Knicks and Heat. The game did not disappoint, it was close late and had more than its share of highlights from both sides. One of those highlights was a flashy no look over the head pass Lebron sent to Dampier for a dunk. Lebron is often compared to Magic Johnson because of his passing ability and size, but that pass last night was taken out of the Larry Bird playbook.


Pretty nice pass. No doubt Lebron saw him before and didn’t have to make the pass in traffic, but still pretty good. This pass was more accurately a paraphrase of  a Larry Bird playbook, but not an exact copy. Here’s what it looks like when it’s done by the best.



Larry had was being defended in the post and found the cutter using nothing more than spidey sense. Larry made dozens of passes just like this in his career and although Lebrons pass wasn’t as good as any of those, but it was a nice homage.

Lebron and Wade put on a show in Indiana

16 Feb

We’ve seen are fair share of craziness from the Heat trio this year, from cray alley-oops, shots over the backboard and memorable tweets. Last night in Indiana the latest highlights were added to the already awesome reel of Heatles baskets. One play was a bombonic, one we see a couple times a season and the other one has perhaps never been done before.

Damn! This wasn’t even just for the sake of showtme! This came during the fourth quarter of a close ball game. Lebron loses some style points for the dunk kind off bouncing around before dropping, but still pretty ill. Kind of risky, but better than passing to Dampier.

Now this one was the one that was probably never done before, a full court pass for an alley-oop, finished with a dunk or not this was still unbelievable. What a pass!

In case this video isn’t working on your computer here’s a dramatic dramatization of the dramatic play. Drama.

Carmelo SHOULD be more hated then LeBron

11 Jan

The man who made the decision vs the man who’s team can’t make one. We all know Lebron’s story acted like a douche on TV, switched teams, plays on the beach with rich homies. Oh, and he’s now hated. Let’s all skip that and move on to why Carmelo is even worse.

Lebron waited until the end of the season to change teams.

Carmelo, makes people wait while he gets traded midseason.

Lebron, took less money to play on a a bastastic team. (basketball and fantastic, bastastic)

Carmelo, the only reason he can’t wait until the end of the season to jump ship is because he wants to make all the money he can before the maybe lockout next season. Oh how I wish the Nuggets would just keep him for spite not to seem him get more money. I really feel not enough NBA decisions are based on spite. Why are they helping this guy!

Lebron always plays MVP basketball with a mediocre team.

Carmelo, gets awesome new free agents every year, Finals MVP point guard, before that former MVP teammate, before that great point guard Andre Miller, has constant 6th man candidate JR Smith on team, Has big scary mean dudes in the post to help him hide his crappy defense and still he can’t put the team on his back.

Lebron, he’s news worthy because he’s Lebron and he plays like Lebron.

Carmelo, he’s a  Plan B bum all star whos main moves include cherry picking, a jab step jumper and yelling for fouls in the paint and could only do this much with a constant 50 win roster and good role players. He’s a waste  of time and megabytes. Not news worthy.

As you can see we here at Fingerrolls are not big Carmelo fans, but we just can’t understand why he’s not as or more hated than Lebron. Even when his situation in Denver talent wise always better than Lebrons. It is also infuriating to see the Denver Nuggets treat this Lebron copycat like a customer. Trade this guy to Indiana or Charlotte to spite him please! I say New Jersey is to good for him send him to Long Island or Hoboken.


Ladies and gentlemen the Heatles!

5 Jan

James, on the Heat’s ability to pack the house even in Charlotte, “We call ourselves the ‘Heatles’ like the Beatles.”

– Lebron James

Miami has filled Lebron with even more hot air than we had originally thought. The Beatles had gotten in trouble for calling themselves bigger than Jesus. That was before Sgt Peppers, so i guess it was in bad taste.  The Heat players should get in just as much trouble for now making their self proclaimed nickname the Heatles. How can they compare themselves to the Beatles. The only arenas that generated enough screaming fans yelling at the Miami Heat in a Beatles type way has been The Q and Madison Square Garden, but obviously that was for different reasons. Point made.

Lebron  had a tough job trying to win back fans after this offseason and making new fans does not happen by comparing yourself to one of the best bands of all time. Maybe as a Beatles fan I’m being over sensitive. I go back reading over this post and I don’t think many NBA fans will take as much offense to the Heatles nicknames I have. Hmmm I don’t remember ever watching a game with cant buy me love playing in the arena.

Utah Jazz @ Miami Heat postgame analysis

10 Nov


Utah – 116    Miami – 114   OT