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Dwyane Wade puts Evan Turner in ice skates, how appropriate, how inappropriate

20 Apr

Game 2 76ers at Miami. Dwyane Wade might of sat out with migraines, but instead he chose to play, put on a show in the second quarter and probably gave Evan Turner a migraine with this crazy dribble move.

Just in time for the NBA as well as the NHL playoffs Turner suffers a pair of broken ankles, just for you. For fans of both hockey and basketball this must have ended some indecision of which sport to watch, but only wholesome NBA action can give you the grace and wonder of flying through the air, as well  as the slippery tomfoolery of gliding on ice. Turner looked like he was wearing some Eddie Bauers! Indecision over.

For those of you who don’t remember Turner got Wade with a killer cross way early in the season, which was somewhat Iverson on Jordan-esque, (except Turner is a bum) but it looked like it was Wades plan all along to wait to embarrass him when he knew the most people were watching, playoffs! Ouch, pretty cold for a member of the Heat. If you don’t remember here was what started the “revenge cross”.


Andre Iguodala does his best Rondo impersonation

12 Jan

I’m really really hoping that you missed last nights game between the 76ers and the Pacers last night. The thought of someone not having something better to do than watch this makes me cringe. Especially on a night when The Mentalist is on. However you probably missed this mental pass Iggy made to Speights which stands as one of the best passes this year so far and for perhaps just one moment made Philly fans forget how bad their team is.

This reminds me a lot like a pass Rondo made to Allen back in December.

Hmm on one hand Iggys play was made better by a nasty dunk and he had the catch and pass in one jump. On the other hand Rondos pass was with the left hand and was made in a half court set. Which dime did you think was better? But don’t think too hard I cant have any of my readers head exploding, apologies if this post already made that happen.