Overlooked Trade: Marcus Thornton/Carl Landry

14 Mar

The trade deadline a few weeks ago had some blockbusters, the Melo deal and the Williams one. Some trades were over looked and have turned out to be really good trades for teams. This particular trade between New Orleans and Anaheim, I mean Sacramento, was seen as a pretty fair deal. However a few weeks in it looks like Sacramento has found a legitimate shooting guard that can ball on par with Tyreke Evans for many years to come.

In 9 games with Sacramento Thornton is averaging 20 ppg, on 47% shooting and 42.5% shooting from 3pt range. Pretty good eh, and Tyreke has yet to play with him. Now this is a young back court to keep an eye on. Sure, New Orleans was sitting back like whatever, they got Carl Landry and he’s played well for them and he’ll be a nice replacement for David West if he leaves after this year, but couldn’t they of used Thornton more?

Last offseason there were reports Chris Paul wanted a trade from the Hornets or wanted the team to bring in some players  that were more useful than mannequins. What was New Orleans solution? Let’s bring in Trevor Ariza! You didn’t have to be Professor Xavier to see that Ariza was not going to make anyone wanna stay anywhere. And he’s currently on a 2 year streak of stinking it up after signing a big deal with Houston. On the other hand they had Thornton waiting in the wings who averaged 14.5 ppg as a rookie. Not to mention they had Darren Collison too. It was one hell of a draft by the New Orleans GM who produced with bad picks in the draft. Now neither of them is with New Orleans. Collison is the starting point in Indiana, maybe making it to the playoffs and Marcus Thornton is as mentioned before killing it for the Kings. He was there scorer to partner up with Chris Paul, but he was given up on after just 1.5 seasons.

Sacramento now has the reigning rookie of the year a new 24 yr old 20pt scorer and Demarcus Cousins. The rebuilding is 95% done for the Kings now it’s just a matter of time to watch these guys grow together. Marcus Thornton 20 points a gmae for a guy coming off their bench, nice! It’s really too bad that theirs a high likelihood of the Kings moving, this reminds me so much of what happened with Seattle moving, they had all the young pieces all they had to do was wait, but the team moved and the rest is history. Anyway, awesome trade for the Kings, New Orleans GM WTF and I look forward to watching some Kings ball next year no matter where it’s being played


Michael Beasley gets kicked out of the movies

8 Mar

Michael Beasley has had his share of off the court trouble , so it shouldn’t come as a surprise he also runs into problems that normal people get into form time to time.

Michael Beasley Via Twitter: Jus got kicked out the movies!! Smh

Maybe you have or have not gotten kicked out of the movies, but any way it happened to Beasley. Tweets are vague and often leave people wanting more information, questions I have about this tweet are what was he watching and what did he do to get kicked out?

The Kings Speech just won The Oscar for best picture maybe Beasley went to check that out. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear him yelling out in the theater “yo, if your the king wheres your crown man!”, and get booted from the cinema. Maybe he went to check out Toy Story 3 and exclaimed “Those toys aren’t just toys they’re representing our lost innocence for real!”.

It’s fun to think about this stuff when riding on the bus to work, standing in line in the supermarket or waiting for the jury to reach a verdict. When we really analyze what he possibly did to get kicked out of a movie most likely it’s because he showed up to them cinema like this. Hey, down in front!

Lebron does his best Larry Bird impersonation

28 Feb

Last night was the battle of the East coast super teams between the Knicks and Heat. The game did not disappoint, it was close late and had more than its share of highlights from both sides. One of those highlights was a flashy no look over the head pass Lebron sent to Dampier for a dunk. Lebron is often compared to Magic Johnson because of his passing ability and size, but that pass last night was taken out of the Larry Bird playbook.


Pretty nice pass. No doubt Lebron saw him before and didn’t have to make the pass in traffic, but still pretty good. This pass was more accurately a paraphrase of  a Larry Bird playbook, but not an exact copy. Here’s what it looks like when it’s done by the best.



Larry had was being defended in the post and found the cutter using nothing more than spidey sense. Larry made dozens of passes just like this in his career and although Lebrons pass wasn’t as good as any of those, but it was a nice homage.

Lebron and Wade put on a show in Indiana

16 Feb

We’ve seen are fair share of craziness from the Heat trio this year, from cray alley-oops, shots over the backboard and memorable tweets. Last night in Indiana the latest highlights were added to the already awesome reel of Heatles baskets. One play was a bombonic, one we see a couple times a season and the other one has perhaps never been done before.

Damn! This wasn’t even just for the sake of showtme! This came during the fourth quarter of a close ball game. Lebron loses some style points for the dunk kind off bouncing around before dropping, but still pretty ill. Kind of risky, but better than passing to Dampier.

Now this one was the one that was probably never done before, a full court pass for an alley-oop, finished with a dunk or not this was still unbelievable. What a pass!

In case this video isn’t working on your computer here’s a dramatic dramatization of the dramatic play. Drama.

Antawn Jamison pictures are making people sad

10 Feb

The Cleveland Cavaliers are on a historic 25 game losing streak and are two losses away from playing in the Superbowl of crappy games against the Wizards. If all goes right we’ll be in for a treat to see what’s gonna give, the Wizards finally winning on the road or the Cavs winning anywhere.

Lot’s of web sites and papers are covering the Cavs streak and most of them are using photos of Antawn Jamison to accompany the article. Why not he’s the default leader of the Cavs, their leading scorer and the most recognizable player on the team. The thing I have a problem with is that all the photos of Jamison for these articles are ones of him that are so depressing that it takes all of my willpower to not get a bucket of Haagen-Dasz and cry in the tub, also the pictures are probably taken out of context to dramatize the losing of the Cavs. Let me explain.

This is a picture of Jamison probably looking at a ref after a bad call or a team mate after a bad pass. However this photo  accompanied with a caption that reads something like “Cavs wear cement shoes, hit rock bottom in New Jersey” makes Jamison look as though he’s acting like the man above bounced his check of heaven points. “WHY!!!!!” – Jamison

How about this photo of Jamison he probably fumbled a pass out of bounds or something, but whatever this picture looks good with the headline ” Cavs hit new low, Jamison’s arms reach new highs”. It is the perfect losing streak photo so the editor probably said “what the hell let’s just go with it”.

And of course a timeless classic when things are going bad. The towels on the face while on the bench. Antawn Jamison knows it’s bad, but this picture captures the moment in time where he pretends he’s not dying inside like Valentines day flowers on St.Patricks day. Like most players he’s just keeping his composure but it works so well after a 25th loss and the headline “Towels fail to wipe away stench of losing”, so let’s just go with that.

If I see one more picture of Jamison or any Cav with a towel over his face, walking off the court with hands on hips or shrugging I might as well renew our prescriptions of anti-depressants right now.

Lamar Odom Has To Learn To Say No

8 Feb

“Lamar, Khloe  thank you so much for attending my masquerade ball! Oh, what is that intoxicating aroma? Are you guys wearing the same fragrance? How delightful it really shows how powerful and sensual your relationship is. I was just mentioning to my wife earlier today that we should try to smell more alike. How insatiable, no Lamar, sorry were not serving gummy bears this evening.”

Is this what they honestly expect people to act like? Do they actually envision couples wanting to smell like each other? This is absolutely ridiculous. Lamar Odom has enough money and respect to avoid doing craziness like getting buck naked to piggy back ride his wife in around what looks like a Sears family portrait studio. This was clearly a Khloe idea, this is what she has to do to get fame and notoriety, Lamar is just along for the ride.

Kobe Bryant is officially off the hook, in terms of embarrassing public fiascoes, for that L.A. times photo shoot that had him looking like a metrosexual stormtrooper. Lamar is somewhat starting to rival Artest as the least sane person on the team. This is a good preview of what to expect for his reality show I suppose. For the sake of all of us and also his soul Lamar just has to learn to say no and not go along with this unnecessary nonsense even if it means sleeping on the couch for a few nights. For god sakes Kevin Loves fragrance commercial that was supposed to be a joke is better than this.



3 Feb

I’m sure by now you’ve already seen the dunk of Blake postering Kyle Korver with an alley-oop slam, but here’s the much more impressive dunk that happened in that same game.

Here’s another angle of what that posterization looked like.

But here’s what that posterization felt like.